how to breed goldfish in a tank

This is Chris from Aquatic Central, here in San Fransisco, and on the web at aquatic-central. com,and today I'd like to tell you how to breed a goldfish. first thing is to gather the requiredmaterials, which would be, preferably at least a 20 gallon tank, you'll need a filtrationsystem, preferably a sponge filter, and a heating system, providing that you can maintainthe water temperature at about 72 degrees
Fahrenheit, you'll need some sort of plants,preferably live or a spawning mop, which is basically just a household mop, a clean oneat that, anywhere the eggs can stick and you can easily remove them after they've beenreleased. 
how to breed goldfish in a tank
You'll probably want a separate 5 to 10 gallon tank after the eggs have hatchedso that you can rear them. You'll need some food for the eggs, possibly micro worms orfreshly hatched brine shrimp.  What you'll do is, you'll cycle your fish tank, conditionit for chlorine, chloramine first, cycle it for about 2 to 3 weeks, make sure that it'srun through the nitrogen cycle.  Then you can add a male and a female goldfish, approximatelyat least 3 years old, it don't need to be adults, and they are hard to distinguish. And the most important thing is you'll need to plan ahead as they only mate once a year,in spring.

As they near spawning, as they're almost ready, the female will plumpen up quitelarge, and the male will develop these white spots around his gill plate.  A female willrelease eggs, they will stick to the surfaces of whatever you have placed inside.  Then amale will fertilize the eggs, and you'll notice this is happening by the water becoming quitecloudy.  At this time it'll be ideal to remove the parents from the eggs, either by replacingthe eggs into the separate 5 gallon tank, or by removing the male and female into theseparate 5 gallon tank.  Regardless which tank the fry are in, that's the tank where you'llwant the sponge filter.  

And you'll want to lower the water level to about 5 to 6 inches,so that the weight of the water doesn't crush them, and so they can come up for air.  It'spretty much all that's required to breed a goldfish.  Again, my name is Chris from AquaticCentral in San Fransisco, and on the web at, aquatic-central. com